Lace Front Wig Grip



One size fits all

Lace front, Non slip, Adjustable Velvet wig grip

Disclaimer: Please note, whilst every effort has been made to accurately represent the hair colour, technical devices, such as computer screens, tablets and phones cannot be relied upon for complete accuracy of hair colour.

  • Quick to Install
  • Customisable
  • 100% Remy human Hair
  • Can Be Styled
  • Comfortable

How To Wear Our Hair Toppers

Before And After

ND Hair Collection Care

ND Hair Collection hair toppers are low maintenance, as they are made from 100% high quality, remy human hair.

Our toppers do not need to be washed frequently as the cells within the strand of hair are not alive and are not in direct contact with your scalp.

Over washing can shorten its lifespan therefore we recommend washing it gently in cold water every 2-3 months and allowing it to air-dry on a hanger.

ND Hair Collection toppers can be brushed and styled just like your own hair. When brushing, start from the bottom to avoid ripping out the hair.

Using hot tools too often may cause your hair piece to be dry, therefore we recommend you use heat protective products when styling and deep conditioning treatments at least once a month to keep your hair feeling soft and silky.



Hi Ness, I just wanted to let you know that my topper just arrived, and it's absolute perfection! The colour matches perfectly, and so does the length and the quality is outstanding! It's so silky soft. I'm so so happy with it. Thank you so much!!
Hi! I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking the time to meet up and show me the new topper purchased, which I must say I was very sceptical about after previously purchasing one which did not feel as real or look so real when worn. I've gone out on a few occasions and although very paranoid, someone would notice the difference have only received compliments that my hair looks great. After losing hair during pregnancy and post-pregnancy with hyperthyroidism due to pregnancy, I've gone from being extremely depressed trying to style my hair to now just so comfortable, no longer worried my scalp was visible if not styled correctly. Thank you for giving me some reassurance that I can walk Out of the house in confidence.
12 months ago, my hair began to fall out due to personal stress. A friend of mine recommended I have a look at ND. Collections as a possible solution to my problem. They were more than just a solution; they were a godsend for me. I had lost confidence in my appearance feeling very self-conscious, but as soon as the hair topper was put on, I was instantly transformed. The quality and look is even better than my hair. I love my topper, and I am amazed at how good I feel. The lovely ladies from ND are wonderful, helpful and full of support and knowledge. Thank you, ND Collections, for making me feel better about myself and restoring my confidence and wellbeing!
Honestly, this topper is the most incredible hairpiece! It's a premium product, silky smooth and blends into my part line perfectly. It feels so good to have finally found the perfect topper. Thank you so much, Ness!
Dear beautiful ladies, I cannot thank you both enough for your understanding, patience and sincerity. Your customer service has been the best I have ever encountered! I absolutely love my new hair! It looks so natural and of the highest quality. What I love most, though, is the easy maintenance of it! Thank you so very much
Thank you much for your support. I know this is your business to "sell hair", but you have gone above and beyond. Coming to my house to the colour match then styling my hair and topper has given me confidence money cannot buy. So THANKS You really have a business that will go a long way not only due to the quality of your product but your personal experience and empathy x"
I am absolutely in love with my new topper. This is the third one I've tried. It's so smooth, shiny, and flat, honestly. I can't even feel it on my head. Lightweight and luxurious!! Ness was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable and just awesome. Thank you a billion times.
After suffering hair loss 7 years ago, 1 have tried every topical solution imaginable, have been using hair building fibre for years and even had a consultation with a hair loss centre. It must have been fate that I came across Hair by Ness. From the first message I sent initially enquiring, they have been nothing but helpful and supportive and even followed up after my purchase. To say! Am ecstatic is an understatement. I purchased the 14Jolie and had it customised to suit me by my wonderful hairdresser. I can't thank Hair by Ness enough and would highly recommend them. they are amazing!
I suffer from hair loss due to alopecia and an underactive thyroid. I have tried a couple of toppers over the years but was never happy with the look or feel of them. Based on a recommendation from another hair loss sufferer, I booked an appointment with Ness from ND Collections. She was absolutely amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable and took the time to discuss all of my options, and made some great suggestions. I ended up purchasing the 14 inch Jessica topper, which she then cut to suit me. After wearing for a day, wasn't quite happy with the cut, and she offered to further customise it for me. I have now been wearing my topper daily for almost 6 weeks, and I I can honestly say it's changed my life. It's so easy to wear, and the hair is of great quality. The biggest surprise was that no one realised I was wearing a topper! I expected to do a lot of explaining, but if people noticed, it was only to ask if I'd had my hair cut or dyed. I highly recommend ND Collections to anyone looking for a topper

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