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About Us



ND Hair Collection was born as a result of our founder, Ness, needing to find a better solution for her thinning hair which started at the age of 19. Hair thinning and hair loss can occur for several reasons, some of which include, post childbirth, cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, polycystic ovary syndrome, weight loss, genetics, and/or other health conditions.

Our founder is a loving mother and a professional hairdresser of over 20 years. After an unsuccessful journey to find a better solution, she combined her personal struggles and professional experience to create ND Hair Collection and support others who have had similar experiences.

The current market of hair toppers were not the desired quality. Therefore, we spent almost two years collectively sourcing, buying and trying every kind of Topper and Wig available in search for the best quality. After an exhaustive search of products internationally, we decided we would design our own (Signature Collection) high quality Remy Human Hair Toppers, that look amazing, natural, light and easy to wear. 

We couldn’t be prouder of ND Hair Collection and elated at the opportunity to help others change their lives. As our founder has personally experienced hair loss, she knows all the challenges that hair loss creates. She would like to share her experience, knowledge and carefully designed products with people all around the world with the hope that it will make a difference.

*Ness is wearing our colour Jessica 16-18" length ND Signature Collection Hair Topper.


Hair Toppers are an alternative solution for hair loss suffers, women who want to add more volume or just have fun with alternate hair combinations. They differ from wigs because they are not a full head piece, just a top up of hair and differ from extensions because they cover the crown – ideal for covering up thinning hair or patches on top of the head. Hair Toppers are suited best to people with thinning hair, they are assembled with clips, similar to clip in hair extensions, so to wear them you need some hair still on your head.

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We have spent years of research and quality control testing to ensure our Toppers are the best in the industry in terms of look and feel and durability. All our hair is top of the range 100% Remy Human Hair and has been specially designed with an innovative base to ensure it sits flat, is light to wear and breathable, ultimately looking and feeling natural. Our Remy Human Hair Toppers are a unique and custom design.

This is your choice. Depending on how many Toppers you have, you can wear any colour and use little tricks (like the upside down plait – see our Instagram Highlights) to mask any colour variation. A match with your biological (bio) colour is the easiest to wear. It can be really fun to simply become blonde in a click with no damage to your bio hair, so don’t be afraid to have fun with other colours too. We do!

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