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March 21 2019 – ND Collection


The concept and burning desire for a better solution for women with thinning hair came from an organic need from Ness suffering from hair loss. Hair loss can occur for several reasons, some of which include, post childbirth, cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, polycystic ovary syndrome, weight loss, genetics, or other unknown health issues.

Ness a young mother and hair dresser of almost twenty years that has androgenic alopecia, combined her personal struggles and professional experience. The result, ND Collection was born.

As a hairdresser, Ness was often embarrassed by her own hair. She tried everything available, from the inside out but nothing worked. She wore hair extensions for years but this only made the hair loss worse and was terribly expensive. She considered wigs but they were too heavy, itchy and terribly uncomfortable.

When Ness discovered hair Toppers she was overjoyed at finally finding a solution. However, the quality and price tag of what was on offer just wasn’t right. She spent almost two years collectively sourcing, buying and trying every kind of Topper available in the market in search for the best quality at an affordable price. After an exhaustive search of products both within Australia and overseas, Ness decided she would design her own, high quality Remy Human Hair Toppers, that look amazing, natural, light and easy to wear. A product designed for those who appreciate quality.

Ness couldn’t be prouder of ND Collection and elated at the opportunity to help women change their lives, the way they did for her. As a real world sufferer of hair loss, she knows the struggles and what it means to women.


Ness wears colour Jolie 18" ND Collection Topper.